March 21, 2023
Austin, Texas, USA

Qatargate expands as MEP Hannah Neuman hold secret talks with Gulf Ambassadors in Brussels

Qatargate expands

The ongoing Qatargate crisis is putting the credibility of the European Parliament in jeopardy. Several MEPs are being accused of being under the influence of foreign countries including Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. While some MEPs may have joined the fight against corruption with honest intentions, others may have done so for personal gain and popularity. The recent disclosure that a well-known human rights advocate and MEP, Hannah Neumann, is allegedly working on behalf of the UAE in Brussels underscores this issue.

Ali Rashid Al Nuami, a Keyplayer

As reported by an Italian news site, Neumann was allegedly recruited by Ali Rashid Al Nuami[1], a contentious personality who has faced accusations of financing terrorism in Syria and the Sinai desert. Nevertheless, Neumann has openly expressed her backing for Ahmed Mansour, a human rights advocate from the UAE who has been incarcerated in Abu Dhabi for an extended period.

How Much MEP Was paid?

The exact amount Neumann received for her purported services on behalf of the UAE remains unclear. However, insiders close to the government of Abu Dhabi have verified that she was compensated with over €450,000, which is equivalent to 476,754.75 US dollars. Interestingly, Neumann did not disclose any of this payment in her financial records or her voluntary declaration of the use of the general expenditure allowance for the period spanning from 2019 to 2022.

Neumann’s Secret Visits to UAE

Neumann’s declaration of her visits to the UAE is incomplete, as she only disclosed one trip[2] despite reportedly having been to the country thrice in under two years, according to insiders. Her most recent visit was marked by opulent perks, including accommodation at a luxurious five-star hotel, first-class travel with Emirates official airline, and receipt of valuable gifts. During her stay, Neumann was also present at a private gathering held at the “Majlis” – a private council and hospitality venue of Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi. As the Chairman of the Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council (FNC) and a former intelligence officer, Nuaimi has been working to influence the European Parliament through the use of MEPs and some proxy NGOs.

An Alarming Situation

Neumann’s purported involvement with the UAE has prompted concerns regarding her honesty and impartiality as a politician advocating for human rights. Detractors have claimed that her actions are inconsistent and that she displays a “biassed” rather than universal stance towards human rights. The disclosure of her alleged connections to the UAE has raised doubts about her dedication to championing human rights and upholding the principles of European values.

Neumann is not alone in facing accusations of serving as an agent for foreign powers among MEPs. There have been accounts of other MEPs allegedly being enlisted by Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia to exert influence on EU policies and decisions. Such allegations have sparked concerns about the credibility of the European Parliament and the possible consequences of foreign meddling on the EU’s decision-making procedures.

Call to European Parliament to Launch Investigation

It is imperative for the European Parliament to treat these allegations with gravity and initiate a comprehensive inquiry into the purported connections between MEPs and foreign powers. The EU bears a responsibility to guarantee that its decision-making process remains untainted by external influences and that MEPs are not serving as agents of foreign powers. It is crucial to preserve the credibility of the European Parliament and uphold the EU’s values and principles.


To summarize, the accusations of MEPs serving as representatives for foreign powers are troubling and demand a thorough investigation. The reported links between Hannah Neumann MEP and the UAE have called into question her credibility and impartiality as a human rights advocate. It is crucial for the European Parliament to acknowledge and address these claims seriously and to prevent its MEPs from acting as agents of foreign powers. Preserving the integrity of the European Parliament and upholding the EU’s values and principles are of utmost importance.



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