July 23, 2024
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12 Reasons Why Your Phone Hangs by Phone Repair Store

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Our lives now can’t function without our mobile devices. Our lives are dependent on these little gadgets; thus, they are a part of our everyday routine. Everything is stored on our smartphones and is readily available to us whenever we need it, from personal to professional data. They have gotten more sensitive, brittle, and vulnerable to problems as they have developed over time. Therefore, if your phone is damaged in any manner, you should always search for a reputable phone repair store. The hanging issue with mobile phones is one of the most prevalent issues we experience. Your mobile devices may hang for a variety of reasons, including hardware and software issues.  

If your phone is also hanging, you should try the DIY solutions you are aware of for fixing the problem. If you are unsure, however, you must visit Forever Tech Wireless if you are in Gahanna, Ohio, and they can fix the issue for you.

The hanging of your phone might have a number of causes, according to a cell phone repair store in Columbus, OH. These factors include:

Storage audit:

Games, films, photographs, and other large files that take up a lot of space are all over our phones in the form of heavy programmes and data. Some folks are avid users and exceptionally good photographers. Their cell phone camera is typically set to 4k resolution and HDR films, which produce high-quality images and videos, which take up a lot of space inside the device. Additionally, despite having over 50 apps on their smartphones, they only use 9 of them consistently. All of the available capacity is taken up by extra and undesirable apps, which results in the hanging issue when your phone is overloaded with storage. Try to fix the problem, but if it still exists, visit a cell phone repair center. They’ll perform an accurate diagnosis and address the problem.

Ram Space:

The internal memory, or RAM, of your phone, can become full at times, causing it to hang. The hanging issue persists when your phone’s RAM is low, and you have several open apps. Try freeing up the space that the unneeded data is using. Remove duplicate shots, then adjust your camera’s resolution to 1080 because high-quality images can also be obtained in this setting. If you have any duplicate contacts, consolidate them all before deleting any unwanted or unused apps. Internal storage varies amongst mobile devices. Smartphones may store different amounts of RAM, including 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. Try purchasing a phone with more RAM storage, such as 32GB, if you believe you are a heavy smartphone user and have a lot of personal and professional data to keep in your mobile device. 

Suppose your device has 2GB or 4GB of RAM; attempt to save data accordingly or back it up to an external storage device so that your phone has space and the hanging issues won’t happen. When you do this, you won’t experience RAM storage issues.

Cooperatively Running Applications:

Some applications consume more space when they operate in tandem. People utilize social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter at the same time. The space on your phone is used up by these apps while they operate in tandem or in the background. Clear all the background-running apps from your recent apps list to avoid this, but leave the ones that are essential to your smartphone’s proper operation in place.

Heavy videos and games:

When you use your mobile phone to make heavy videos or play heavy games for an extended period of time, it loses capability and begins to hang. Avoid playing demanding games and uninstall them if your RAM isn’t big enough to handle them. Get your phone evaluated by a specialist at the phone repair shop if any other problems arise, such as overheating and your gadget being unable to charge.


Multiple jobs and running many tabs simultaneously can make the processor sluggish. The phone hangs as a result of a slow processor. Check it out right away if you experience any problems, such as prolonged startup time.

Check to see whether your device has any viruses:

Your mobile device may become infected if you download software from unreliable websites, which could slow down or cause your phone to hang. Get a reliable antivirus for your phone to get rid of all the malware and viruses. Hire qualified specialists to complete the task if you are unable to do it yourself.

Is the phone’s memory full?

If your mobile phone is loaded with images, music, and other files, move the files to the memory card so that your phone won’t hang. Put the files on a laptop or computer if the memory card is also full.


Your phone overheats and hangs when you use it excessively or in an environment that is not conducive to smartphones. If you are aware of the problem, try to fix it. Learn the cause of the overheating. Change your environment by staying out of the sun or giving your device some time to rest and cool down.

Ineffective software:

The best course of action if your computer keeps hanging up is to maintain your software updated. Sometimes, hanging is caused by out-of-date software. Any issue, even the phone hanging up, is fixed by updating the software.

Animated Background:

The greatest option for smartphone users is to set a straightforward wallpaper on their devices. Wallpaper that is animated or lives might occasionally create a hang.

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Any software or app you download will immediately download a number of temporary files and data. Therefore, if you see such data, remove it along with the cache and temporary files.

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Too many applications installed:

Smartphones are still electronic devices, no matter how advanced they are, and if you download and install too many apps at once, your phone may hang. To avoid hanging troubles, it’s essential to finish each task on your phone one at a time.

All of your issues and repair requests are resolved by the mobile Phone Repair Store. You can arrange a maintenance appointment with them at any moment, and their professionals will be aware of what to do in the event of a problem.

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