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Atlanta pool Builders explain various water Features

water Features

Water is an important feature of the landscape. Water should definitely be considered as you go through the design process of your back yard. Water features can add so much to your space both visually and aesthetically. How light plays with the water and its impact on human mood as well as the sound of water falling or flowing has a great impact of the emotional and psychological state of the human being. The water falling down has such a soothing impact on the human mind. Hence many people try to in cooperate it into their daily lifestyle by adding various water features in their gardens or back yards. Atlanta pool builders helps in installing these water features. Let’s have a look at various types of water Features

Water features Suggested by Atlanta pool builders

Following are a few of the water features that can help you jazz up your garden or pool.

Natural Ponds:

Another proven landscape feature that is immensely popular among the home owners is a pond. Artificially created but naturally looking ponds are created by excavating a huge hole in the garden and then lining it with liners. Filtration pumps are added to it to keep the pond water clean. Many customers want a water fall as well to reduce the noise of the pump. It is one thing that seamlessly blends with any landscape and provides extreme design flexibility.

Water Walls

To Ramp up a patio, kitchen or a pool area people usually add a water wall. In this there is a continuous flow of water. Water in water walls fall down the fall and is fed back up. To avoid mineral, build up on the wall and to keep the water clean a filter is always added.  You can always play with the sound of the water by adding various textures on the wall. A led light also enhances the wall appeal. It requires special attention towards cleaning and maintenance but it is a conversation starter piece as well.

Water Falls

Water falls can be used as it is on their own or can also be installed as a part of pond or pool to accentuate its beauty. The topography of the back yard influences the height of the water fall. How many numbers of water drops are allowed per minute generally impacts the sound and flow of water falls. The soothing sound and adaptable nature make it a preferred choice among its users.

Rain Curtains

Rain curtains are considered to be a very mature and aesthetically pleasing design. In the basic structure tiny holes are drilled so that measured amount of water flows every minute. A pump is added that helps to rotate the water and pump it back up. Despite adding a Wow factor in your space, it is not advisable for homes with toddlers and kids. Rain curtains can also be slightly heavy on the pocket but it is worth the look.


Scuppers are like water falls but smaller with smaller width and little amount of water. The scuppers are installed at a height mostly in the pool wall. The water falls from a height in to the pool or an artificially created lake giving a wonderous effect. Filters are installed to keep the pool area clean and by adding LED lights the effect can be oompahed up. They can be used alone or as a part of a great design to give an old-world charm feel. The cost varies from design to design yet it is a timeless feature for your garden.

Free Standing Fountains

Free standing fountains are available in so many styles these days. From traditional to oriental, old or new, small or large you name it and you will get it. Such fountains act as a statement piece for the homeowners in their yards, poches etc.

Laminar jets

It is a feature that has increasingly become popular in the past few years. It is quite prominent around the hotels. The stream of water can be adjusted through the machine. The water jets can be made wide and narrow. The labor intensive installation make it a tricky choice.


The above guide highlights various water features that are available to contemporary homeowners. You can get them installed by professional pool companies like sandal luxury pools that provide quality services in cost efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a swimming pool need a lot of maintenance?

Yes, you need Georgia pool cleaning regularly so that the lifespan increases. The people swimming in the pool remain healthy and avoid skin issues and eye and nose irritation.

Why do swimming pool need to be cleaned daily?

The pool cleaning services have to be hired for regular cleaning so that bacteria contamination is prevented, algae growth is reduced, excess dirt is removed, and the chemical level is balanced.

How often do you do maintenance on a pool?

It is important to maintain the swimming pool at least once a month. But it will be great if the maintenance team is hired every week because it might inform about some underlying issue that is just developing.

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