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Everything Thing You Need to Know About Root Canal


In the root canal treatment infected pulp of a tooth is removed. After removal, the surface inside the tooth is disinfected. When a dentist has done, then a proper filling is adjusted to close the gap so that you can avoid the future attack of any bacteria and germs.

Here in the following blog, we will discuss everything about the root canal in detail. Let’s start with a better understanding.

Basics Of the Root Canal


What is the tooth? First, you should know about the state of the tooth, a tooth consisting of crowns and roots. The Crown is usually covered by enamel. The Crown is above the gums and the roots are below them. Roots attach the tooth to the jawbones.

Inside the crown and the root canal, a mass of tissue is known as pulp. The pulp provides protection and moisture to the tooth area. This feels the temperature when you eat and drink anything.

What Steps Are Involved in Root Canal 

Root canal treatment includes following three basic steps, which everyone has to go through.

Cleansing of Root Canal

Whenever a professional dentist wants to give root canal treatment to the patient, he or she makes sure to remove everything such as bad particles inside the root canal.  

In this cleaning process, a dentist makes a small hole on the surface of the tooth so that he or she can remove the dead cells and pulp tissues. 

Without a hole, it is not possible to do the cleaning process. It is painful to some extent, so the dentist gives local anesthesia to the patient.

Root Canal Filling 

In the second step of the root canal, the dentist cleans the hollow area of the tooth with the use of files and different solutions. 

When the cleaning process completes, the dentist fills the tooth with the specific material to seal the canal properly. This material resembles rubber and has adhesive quality.

When the dentist has done all this, the tooth is dead. Now, you have no living tooth anymore and you don’t have any feeling or sensation of the tooth. Because infected tissues have been removed and you have no more infection.

Placing a Crown

The crowns are caps on the tooth. It is used to provide protection and strength to your teeth and it covers the visible portion of the tooth.

After the root canal, the tooth becomes more vulnerable to the external invasion of the micro bacteria. To provide protection, the dentist uses the crown. 

But you can’t chew or eat anything until the crown process is complete. After this, you can eat or drink anything as before.

How You Can Prevent Tooth Diseases 

There are the following general recommendations and instructions which you should follow to avoid any gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth infections.

  • You have to brush twice a day. One time when you go to bed and the second after breakfast. If you make this brushing habit, you can avoid the normal issues which become the cause of major problems.
  • Always use the toothpaste containing the right amount of fluoride.
  • you should do a dental check-up every month or when you have any minor problem you should consult the dentist soon.
  • Say no to plaque 
  • Avoid sugary drinks and foods

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To sum up, if you have any dental problem you should consult with a professional dentist first. Plus, you should follow the healthy dental recommendations so that you can avoid any dental problems in the future. 

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