July 23, 2024
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How Does the Stock Market Works-The stock Market for Beginners


Stock Market Is basically a market where Companies sell there Shares in order To earn Good Amount of Profit. Anyone can buy these Shares from Stock Exchange Market By investing their Money In it. But as per your knowledge I would like to make you understand that this market is Bit risky.  As sometime it Provide you the Profit which You Have Expected and sometimes it will show you heavy loss. This Market is Not Predictable. 

How Stock Market works

Stock Market Works By buying and Selling of Shares In market. Any Company Can Sell there Shares In Market by listing them In Stock Exchange Market. This Market Has Particular Timings of Opening And Closing. Now there is a Facility to buy shares Online Through various Websites of Share Market. A Proper Meeting is Held in Stock Exchange Market to sell your Stocks to other Individuals.

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Stock Market for Beginners 

If you are New To this Market then there are Few Points to be considered before Stepping into this Risky World. 

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  1. As A Beginner open your Eyes and Ears before Entering this Market. Never believe what other say until and Unless You face the Situation in front of you. 
  2. Have Full knowledge about Stock market And About its Policies, Terms and Conditions and Basic Terminologies. Less Knowledge or No Knowledge will Provide you only Loss in this Market. 
  3. Before buying any Companies Stock survey in market About the Companies background, Its Selling’s And Earnings. As Stock value depends on The Nature of Company.
  4. Never Make a Mistake to buy Bulk of Stocks Together. Make Purchase One by one and in starting buy only 4-5 Stocks and Work on them. 
  5. Give Proper Time In stock Market to see how you’re Stocks Are Performing. If there is Any Fluctuation then you can switch them also. 
  6. Use a Policy of Buy and Hold which means buy Product hold it till its Value in market increases as you have expected.
  7. Never keep stocks in hold for Long time as there Value decreases with Time. 
  8. Always Buy Stocks of Different companies having Different Products or business as it lower the Chances of Risk. 
  9. If You have stepped into this market because you know it provide Better Profit to individuals but don’t forget about the loss which it provide and Takes back everything which you have in your hand
  10. Grab knowledge from News Channels, newspaper, Magazines and Articles about Stock Market. More the knowledge more you will be Aware about Companies Stock. 
  11. Use Price Earning ratio to Analysis about stock Value in market.
  12. Stock Market Require your Proper Time and Money in order To see your Luck in this Gambling game. If you have Spare Money then only make Investment Otherwise don’t enter this market. 

Above mention Points would Have Make You clear about what Exactly is stock Market and How Much knowledge should Beginners gain before investing there Money in this Tricky and Risky Market. 

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