July 23, 2024
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How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

House Cool in Summer

How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

With the rising temperature, you might be all excited to sunbathe in your backyard and spend your lovely summer evenings outside – chilling next to the pool and enjoying barbeque parties with family and friends. Summer is an excellent time to relax and enjoy the outdoor space; however, you will want to keep your house cool.

Besides assessing your windows and doors for potential cracks and crevices, here is a list of things you can do to keep your house cool this summer.

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Get Your Air Conditioning System Checked

Many newbie homeowners don’t understand the importance of having their air coolers serviced every year. The thing about getting one’s air cooling system assessed each year is that it can save loads of money by cutting down the utility bills. To save on monthly utility bills, you might need to replace your AC and opt for a residential air conditioning installation.

Ceiling Fans

If you feel like the ceiling fans are pushing warm air around the room instead of cooling the room, it might not be just in your mind. It can be quite true when it comes to ceiling fans. If you want to cool your house and keep the utility bills down, you might want to readjust your ceiling fans and have them rotate in the counterclockwise direction.

The essential benefit of setting the fans in the counterclockwise direction is that it won’t rotate warm air around the room; on the other side, it will push the air straight down, which will create a cooling impact. When the temperature is cooler, you might want to set it low, whereas, in warmer temperatures, you might want to set it higher.

Seal Gaps

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This is ideally done in the spring season. You might want to assess the doors and windows and look for potential gaps. The essential benefit of sealing door and window gaps is that it prevents warm air from entering inside, whereas it also prevents the cool indoor air from escaping and warming your indoor space.

Another potential benefit of sealing gaps is that it prevents the different summer pests from entering your house. Summer pests can be a real nuisance, and if you truly want to enjoy a happy and relaxing summer at home, you will want to seal those gaps and prevent the insects from crawling into your house.

Window Treatments

The thing about window treatments is that they are usually costly; however, if you are on a budget, you can also opt for cheaper options. For instance, you can opt for sheer curtains if you like natural light. Also, you can opt for linen or cotton drapes – you can draw the curtains when you feel like your indoor space is getting heated. Another efficient way to prevent the heat from entering your house is by installing blinds and shutters.

You can, however, also opt for shade windows. If you reside in a particularly warm climate, your best option is to install external coverings like awnings to ensure no sunlight enters your rooms

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