July 23, 2024
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The Pros and Cons of a Soundbar: What You Should Know

UTV sound bar system

One of the most common options for consumers seeking for a home theater system but not wanting a lot of speakers in the room is the soundbar. However, there are disadvantages to such a solution as well. We outline all of the benefits and drawbacks of a soundbar home theater system in this post.

What is a Soundbar?

A soundbar is essentially an extended speaker that can recreate a large sound field since it has several tiny speakers incorporated into it. This definition may already be well known to you. The soundbar has a built-in amplifier to manage these speakers, a variety of connection options to link it to your TV and other devices, and it frequently supports the addition of a (wireless) subwoofer. The typical soundbar can be placed on the TV’s furnishings or on the wall underneath the TV.

Various Types of Soundbars are Available

There are various sizes and forms of sound bars, from extremely small and thin ones to big and thick variants. The sound area and number of little speakers are frequently bigger and more numerous with larger soundbars. One illustration of this is the UTV sound bar system. This variant includes additional built-in speakers that must produce a Dolby Atmos impression via ceiling reflections. 

The fact that virtually every model supports simulated surround sound really means that a surround effect may be created by arranging the soundbar’s tiny speakers and adjusting the room’s acoustics. This provides the music a little bit more depth, but it will never truly be surrounded if there are no speakers behind you.

Benefits of a Soundbar

Of course, the tiny size and what is included in that compact size is the most significant benefit. You may really get a decent and expansive sound picture with only one long speaker that you can put in front of or under your TV. There are soundbars with additional speakers at the rear of the room, but there are no cords or extra speakers in the living area. There is frequently a subwoofer. However, it may usually be wirelessly linked.

Additionally, soundbar systems are frequently a little less expensive than elaborate home theater systems with several speakers. You can now get a fantastic soundbar for about 300 and 600 euros. Keep in mind that cost may sometimes be a good indicator of quality. More speakers for a better audio experience, more HDMI inputs for all your devices, better speakers for a longer range and a more spectacular audio reproduction are commonly included in more costly sound bars.

In reality, sound bars are little hubs for your home entertainment system. Today, the majority of soundbars also have WiFi, Bluetooth, and access to streaming services. Displaying your own music from your home network and web sources is now simple. With a small remote control or a manufacturer app, the operation is typically also fairly straightforward.

Negative Aspects of the Soundbar

A soundbar has disadvantages as well, though. There are restrictions when you’re working with a small system. The idea that soundbars can deliver a surround experience is one that we frequently come across (and one manufacturer foster by using the word surround sound). Sadly, this seldom occurs when there is only one speaker in the front of the room. 

With specialized directional drivers and the room’s acoustics, the lengthy speakers attempt to simulate a surround sound experience (reverberation). In actuality, though, this just results in a somewhat larger and deeper sound field—you will never be completely surrounded by sound. If you wish to achieve any surround effect, the room’s form and surrounding acoustics must be ideal. There are types, though, that might come with (wireless) speakers at the room’s rear. Right away, this gives off a much greater surround effect.

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