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Wedding Invitation Messages and Quotes

Wedding Invitation Messages

Wedding invitation messages can help you set the tone and reflect your personality. Whether you’re going for a classic look or something more modern, we’ve got some great ideas.

Traditionally, the bride’s name precedes the groom’s on wedding invites because her parents are usually footing the bill. However, you can go alphabetical or whatever feels natural to you.

1. The Best Day of Your Life

As a couple, you’ll have so many special memories to share and cherish. We hope your wedding day is filled with love, laughter, and joy!

It’s customary to start with the bride’s name followed by the groom’s, though some couples choose to switch it up for more casual invitations. Then comes the date and time, which can be spelled out for formal weddings or listed using numerals in more casual designs.

A great way to add some personality is with a fun and heartwarming quote. This can be super sentimental and uplifting, or can even have a touch of cheeky humor (especially when paired with a pun). It all depends on who you’re inviting and the tone you want your wedding to have. The important thing is to make it feel genuine.

2. Forever and Always

One of the most important elements of a wedding invitation is the name of the couple. Traditional invites use the couple’s full names, but more casual couples may choose to list just their first names.

Next comes the date and time. The wording for this varies depending on the type of wedding and whether the ceremony is religious or civil. For example, “request the honour of your presence” would typically be used for a religious ceremony, whilst “the pleasure of your company” is commonly seen on civil ceremonies.

The final line should state if the reception is to follow immediately at the venue or on a separate details card. This is particularly helpful if the ceremony and reception are at different locations. Dress code information can also be included here if necessary.

3. I Do

While the traditional name and address lines are a must, adding a simple but meaningful wedding invitation message can help to set the tone for your big day. Whether it’s your favorite romantic quote or a sweet one that reflects the kind of love you and your partner share, a special word can make all the difference in your invitation cards.

A more casual wedding invitation message might feel a little too simple for an occasion like this, but it does communicate your well wishes and excitement to celebrate with your friends. For example, “as we begin our journey together” is a lovely way to invite your guests to share in the joy of a new marriage. Similarly, “and afterward at the reception” works when the ceremony and reception are in the same location. If not, this information can be included on a separate details card.

4. You’re Invited

The first line of your wedding invitations typically contains the names of the hosts. Traditionally, this is the bride’s family as they foot the bill for the event. However, it’s becoming more common for the groom’s parents or other loved ones to host the wedding too.

If a parent has passed away it is always nice to honor them on the invite by listing their name prior to the bride or groom’s names. This can be done in the host line or on an enclosure card.

It’s also a good idea to state whether the ceremony will be held at the same venue as the reception. If not, you can mention this in the request line or on a details card. Lastly, don’t forget to include dress code information!

5. You’re Welcome

The final line of the invitation traditionally gives guests a request to attend and informs them that they are invited to the ceremony and reception. Some couples include the address of the venue(s) on this line if their invitation design allows for it.

It’s common to have the hosts of your wedding listed here as well, if they are covering any costs. Etiquette suggests placing the bride’s parents first, followed by the groom’s family if they are hosting, but you can follow your own rules here as long as it makes sense for your specific event.

Some couples may also choose to list the dress code on their invitation (black tie, lounge suit or cocktail attire are popular options) or other additional information such as a wedding website or an RSVP deadline if they forgo a response card.

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