May 30, 2024
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Who Wants The La Liga Title?

La Liga Title

It appears to be that nobody wants the La Liga title as Real Madrid and Barcelona appear to be making a special effort not to win it, deciding by a portion of the performances and results lately on xoilac spaLaLiga.

Real Madrid has lost more games in the past five weeks or so than they have done all through the season, and Barcelona have had various chances to capitalize, yet for reasons unknown, they have not been able to. With the qualification of all four English clubs into the last 16 of the Champions League (and all as gathering victors) this week, can the Premiership currently be classed as the best league in Europe?

It is hard to gauge which company is fantastic, and many factors should be viewed as, for example, the quality of players and managers, the atmosphere generated in the stadiums, the number of goals averaged in games and the degree of unpredictability.

The argument would naturally rotate around the traditional ‘enormous three’ leagues, Serie A, La Liga and the Premiership. To be sure, only one of the last 15 finals of Europe’s Premier Club contest has excluded a side from those nations.

Despite Italy’s World Cup outcome in the mid-year, Serie A has had a complex issue with its image as of late following the match-fixing scandal and relegation of champions Juventus, so as far as quality, the league currently lacks what the Premiership and La Liga have in abundance. This season, it seems logical to see a two-horse race between Roma and Inter as other massive clubs have been moored focused or relegated.

Different competitors have been patchy, too, as any semblance of Villareal never appears to dominate matches when they are near the leaders; Atletico Madrid had lost 6 of their last eight games, and Espanyol went through a period after losing their iFLuential captain, Raul Tamudo to injury, where they couldn’t draw a match not to mention winning one as they continued to lose many games.

Sevilla had a terrible start to the season and is simply starting to give indications of recovery. At the same time, Real Zaragoza and Valencia are more aware of relegation than a title challenge, having had dreadful seasons up to this point.

Back to Real Madrid, however, it appears that manager Bernd Schuster is having a go at all that to jeopardize his side’s season because the team he brought out to play Deportivo la Coruna on Saturday must be portrayed as madness.

To play Wesley Sneider, Diarra, Guti and Royston Drenthe in midfield, then Raul and Roberto Soldado, that has just played 45 minutes in the league before Saturday, was simply stunning.

To make matters more awful, he had Robinho and Julio Baptista on the seat and possibly welcomed them on when it was almost past the point of no return. It was almost as if assuming that he was attempting to make an impression on the board that has been complaining about his peculiar behaviour all season. Very what the message he was trying to send is unclear at this specific moment.

As anyone might expect, they lost the game as they had not won in 17 years, and it depended on Barcelona to slice the guide distinction toward six. Yet, they simply managed to draw at Almeria 2-2 after having yielded identical goals from corner kicks.

It will be fascinating to check whether any team would take the league by the mess of the neck and attempt to win it, as it appears to be the most intriguing thing about the company that happens in the background in each club.

Almost every manager’s occupation is unsafe, according to reports with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Real Zaragoza, Getafe, and Atletico Madrid hoping to change manager’s next season.

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