July 23, 2024
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Why Flowers are Often Used in Funeral Services

Funeral Services

The sending of flowers to express sympathy and support towards someone who recently experienced a loss has a long history. In the 1800s, flowers were mainly used to mask the smell of decomposing bodies. The practice of sending flowers for funeral service persisted across centuries. As technology progressed enough to preserve the deceased in a more sophisticated manner, flowers have taken on more decorative and symbolic uses. 

At present, people send sympathy flower bouquets and wreaths to offer comfort and condolences to bereaved loved ones. It is a wonder, however, that despite advancements in funeral and burial services, and with so many types of gifts and decorations to choose from, the use of flowers at wakes and memorials continue to be widespread. Did you ever wonder why flowers are often used at funerals? Below we list the likely reasons: 

1. Visually Pleasant

Flowers are pleasing to the eyes and their varied shapes and colours lighten up an otherwise sombre occasion. Studies show that these natural works of art have a positive impact on people’s moods, no matter the occasion. They help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and distress. Imagine a funeral without a single flower in it. You will see a marked difference and the atmosphere would be several times bleaker than when there are flowers in sight.    

2. Practical and Versatile

Lightweight and easy to carry around, certain types of flowers can grow at any season. Some also reproduce faster than others, making them readily available for bouquet arrangements and bulk purchases. They are neither too small nor too big, so transporting them from one place to another—even on short notice—would not be a problem. Experienced florists can quickly prepare sympathy flower bouquets from the shop and have them delivered to the funeral parlour or a designated location.  

3. Conveys Message Effectively 

Most flowers symbolise particular virtues and values. Meanings have been attached to their genus and colours since time immemorial. Because of these meanings, even without a long letter from the sender, the recipient will already know the message being conveyed. Receiving a clump of red roses from an ardent admirer, for instance, is an implied declaration of love and passion. In funerals, bereaved families often receive white flowers of any kind from people offering their condolences, and such a colour symbolises purity and sympathy.   

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4. Affordable

Flowers are generally affordable. If you do not have the financial resources to purchase several wreaths or bouquets, a simple basket or box arrangement would suffice. The good thing about flowers is that price is determined by quantity, genus and available supply. In some cases, they will fetch a cheaper price during their season and you can buy in bulk without fear of overspending. If a grand arrangement is beyond your means, flower shops usually have less pricey alternatives or you can opt for a simpler arrangement.

5. Biodegradable 

It is easy to dispose of flowers once they run their course. Since they are biodegradable, they decompose naturally, returning to the earth after they wither and die. No need to worry about pollution or residual wastes. This is true if you bought fresh flowers instead of treated or preserved ones. When purchasing funeral flower bouquets, make sure to send fresh, non-treated cuts so the recipient(s) will not find it difficult to dispose of them. 

6. Tradition

More than just diluting the odour of decomposed bodies, there are deep-rooted traditions associated with the practice of sending sympathy flowers. They are seen as a sign of respect for the deceased and an expression of comfort to the loved ones stricken by grief. When words fail, the flowers themselves do the talking. Certain cultures, like the Taoists for example, are particular with what type and colour of flower to use and who should be wearing them during funerals. Age and relationship to the deceased also matter as flower colours, genus, and quantity are highly dependent on such factors. 

7. Creative 

Flowers can be arranged in so many ways. Some flower shops allow you to personalise a bouquet to better convey your feelings to the recipient. You may opt to customise an arrangement with your preferred flowers and colours. The arrangement itself can amplify the beauty of flowers. Even in an occasion tinged with grief and sadness, a nicely done bouquet can improve the mood and surrounding atmosphere.  

Where to Buy Sympathy Flowers 

Now that you know why flowers for funeral services are in great demand, the next step is to approach a reliable florist who is also knowledgeable about traditions and etiquette. Experienced florists and reputable flower shops have the ability to anticipate the needs of their customers. They may offer suggestions to improve your experience, letting you send sympathy flowers to a target recipient without committing any faux pas. Search florists near you for affordable flower funeral services. 

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